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Niner Commons

A guide to sharing and preserving your research through UNC Charlotte's institutional repository, Niner Commons.

What is Niner Commons?

An institutional repository is a free and openly accessible digital collection that captures and preserves an academic community’s research and scholarship output, making it available to the world. The works that make up a repository include preprints, postprints, theses and dissertations, working papers, technical reports, datasets, multimedia, learning objects, and other scholarly materials. Institutional repositories are utilized at thousands of universities around the world to collective benefit. 


Why is Niner Commons important for our campus?

Niner Commons hosts and promotes the scholarly works of faculty and researchers from UNC Charlotte while providing valuable long-term preservation. The collection of materials in the repository provide a comprehensive record of efforts, partnerships, results, and products that advance individual and institutional goals. It provides access to the global community. 

  • Promote and showcase research and scholarship
  • Give access to all
  • Enhance partnerships
  • Preserve research 


Niner Commons is developed and supported by the J. Murrey Atkins Library free of charge. We welcome feedback and questions at

You can also reach out directly to the following library staff supporting Niner Commons: