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Anti-Racism Teaching Guide

Anti-Racist Teaching Guide

This guide provides resources to learn about and actively employ anti-racist teaching methods.

What is Anti-Racism?

Anti-racism includes the actions, policies, and theories that challenge and oppose discrimination, inequality, and prejudice based on race.


We acknowledge the Catawba, Waxhaw, Cheraw, and Sugeree peoples who are the traditional custodians of the land that The University of North Carolina at Charlotte is located, and, as many of us are settlers, migrants, or descendants of those forcefully brought to this land, we are here because this land is colonized.  We would also like to recognize today the many enslaved and indentured peoples who were forced to dedicate their labor to the construction of what is now Mecklenburg County. To these peoples and their descendants, we acknowledge the grave injustices inflicted on them, and we recognize the indelible mark of their labor on the creation of the space in which we gather today.

How to Use this Guide

This guide was created to support UNC Charlotte students, faculty, and staff as they seek resources for anti-racist teaching. This is not an exhaustive list of resources available, but rather serves as a starting point for individuals to learn about anti-racist teaching methods and allyship.

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