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Data Services

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About UNC Charlotte's Data Depository

Developed by the Institute for Quantitative Social Science at Harvard University, Dataverse provides a platform for researchers to independently upload and share their research data. Created by researchers, Dataverse puts a premium on creating an easy experience for the depositor, while still providing a high-quality curation environment.

The UNC Charlotte Atkins Library’s Dataverse Network was created through a partnership between the library and the Odum Institute at UNC Chapel Hill.   The UNC Charlotte Dataverse resides on the secure and backed-up Dataverse network server at the Odum Institute. Founded in 1924, the Odum Institute for Research in Social Science supports the teaching and research mission of social science at UNC and contains one of the oldest and largest catalog of machine-readable data in the U.S.

UNC Charlotte Atkins Library’s Dataverse Network makes data available to others: researchers and data authors get credit; publishers and distributors get credit; affiliated institutions get credit. Each Dataverse contains studies or collections of studies, and each study contains cataloging information that describes the data plus the actual data files and complementary files. A DOI (Digital Object Identifier) is created with each deposit.

Depositing Data

Researchers should contact Reese Manceaux and he will be glad to assist in depositing the data/metadata into UNC Charlotte's Dataverse. The Data Deposit agreement is on this page for you to read.

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