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ENGL 4008/5008: Rhetoric of Science

This research guide provides resources for Heather Vorhies' ENGL 4008/5008 course.

ACT UP Method of Evaluation

To be ethical and informed producers of information, we need to think critically about the resources we are using and citing in our research. Use the acronym below to evaluate your sources answering the questions provided.

What is Peer Review?

A peer reviewed journal or article is one in which a group of scholarly reviewers in the subject area of the journal reviews the content for quality of research and adherence to editorial standards of the journal. If you use materials from peer-reviewed publications they have been vetted by scholars in your field for quality and importance.

You can limit your search results to peer reviewed materials in many library databases.

Is this Article Right for Me?

Finding scholarly articles is one thing, figuring out if they are right for your research project is another. What should you look for if you are trying to determine if you might use a scholarly article for you research?

Title: This will give you the first indication of how the article relates to your topic.

Author(s): Who are the authors? What qualifications do they have on this topic? Have they written about this topic elsewhere?

Source: What journal is this coming from? Does the journal have a peer review process?

Abstract: This is a great snapshot of the entire article. What questions or problems does this research address? Where does this research fit within the existing scholarly conversation? How does this research relate to your topic?