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ENGL 4072/WGST 4050: Girl Cultures

Research guide for Kathleen Hogan's ENGL 4072/WGST 4050 course with a focus on finding relevant and reliable information on diverse girls and social media.

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Is this Article Right for Me?

Finding scholarly articles is one thing, figuring out if they are right for your research project is another. What should you look for if you are trying to determine if you might use a scholarly article for you research?

Title: This will give you the first indication of how the article relates to your topic.

Author(s): Who are the authors? What qualifications do they have on this topic? Have they written about this topic elsewhere?

Source: What journal is this coming from? Does the journal have a peer review process?

Abstract: This is a great snapshot of the entire article. What questions or problems does this research address? Where does this research fit within the existing scholarly conversation? How does this research relate to your topic?

Finding Books


Use the library's catalog to search for books on your topic.

Scholarly books are usually written on a broader, more general subject. They may contain a collection of related chapters by different authors. Remember, you may only need to read one chapter of a scholarly book.


Featured Titles:

Finding Articles

Also known as "scholarly articles" or "peer reviewed articles", these are written and reviewed by disciplinary experts and scholars. They usually focus on a narrow subject or single case study.

Try these article databases:

Newspaper articles will provide recent coverage of a particular topic or event, but will not be as substantive or reliable as scholarly articles.

Try these newspaper databases:

Beyond the Library

Relevant and helpful information exists outside of the library's website, too. Librarians recommend you use Google when you need to find background information, opinions, or information about a specific organization or company. Just remember to always consider the source, author, and purpose when using information from an online source.

Recommended websites:

Zines and Online Magazines: