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HIST 2163: African American Women's History Since 1877

Manuscript Collections

Manuscript collections are any set of unpublished documents from one person or group. These materials are rare and can only be accessed in the Special Collections Reading Room. 

The following manuscript collections contain various materials around African-American women and their experience in Charlotte. 

Thereasea D. Elder Papers- Elder worked as a public health nurse in the Charlotte area. She spent part of her career at Good Samaritan Hosptial, the African-American hospital in Charlotte. Her collection includes materials focused on her activism with public health and her commitment to preserving the history of Charlotte's African-American community. 

Josephine Price Sherill Family photographs-This collection contains photographs of an African-American family that lived in Salsibury, North Carolina during the late 1800s to 1930. Price Sherill's father, Joseph Charles Price, founded Livingstone College. 

Eunice F. Hargett papers- This small collection contains interview transcripts of oral histories of relatives of Hargett from eastern North Carolina. These materials were produced for a UNC Charlotte case where the collection creator wrote a paper entitled "From Fertile Ground: Growing Up Black, Poor, and Female in the Rural South". 

Taylor and Richardson families albums- This collection contains photographs and documents of Charles Samuel Lafayette Alexander Taylor, who was active in numerous social and political in Charlotte, North Carolina. These albums predominantly feature Charles, his second wife, Ella, and their two daughters. The photographs and documents span the years of 1876 to 1953.