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Electronic Resources Guide


If you've ever had trouble accessing a website or a database, you're not alone. There can be a number of things preventing you from accessing the resource you want, including:

  • Web browser issues
  • Website or online platform is completely down
  • Issues with off-campus access
  • Broken links to the resource
  • Full-text is unavailable

Having Trouble Accessing a Resource?


If you are experiencing issues trying to access an electronic resource, here are a few things you can try:

  1. Make sure you are logged in on the library website: You can look at the top right corner of your screen on the menu bar and if it says "Sign In", then you are not logged in. If you try to access an electronic resource and you aren't logged in, you may receive a 404 error page, see a message asking you to pay to access the resource, or that your institution doesn't have a license for that resource. 

    You may also see a long yellow box asking you to sign in:

  2. Check your browser settings: Does the resource use pop-ups or images? Find your security and privacy settings in the browser that you use, and make sure that your browser is allowing pop-ups and images. 
  3. Clear your browser cache and cookies: Your browser cache and cookies stores information from websites, and often helps speed up loading times for pages. However, it can also cause issues accessing online resources altogether. If you go to your browser settings and find security and privacy settings, you can find a spot to clear your browser cache and cookies. After you have done that, you'll need to close your browser out and open up the resource again.


VPN for Off-Campus Access

Some of our resources require that you are connected to the UNC Charlotte VPN to access them off-campus. 

If you are off-campus and are experience an access issue, you can download and use the VPN to access resources. The VPN works by imitating the on-campus environment even though you are off-campus at your apartment, sitting in a coffee shop, and so on. You can install the VPN on your personal computer and your mobile device.

You can view different instructions about how to install and use the VPN by clicking on one of the links below:

Still Having Access Issues?


Report a Broken Link

Still having access issues? No problem! Below the resource you are trying to access, you can find Access Issue? Report a broken link where you can conveniently report the issue you are experiencing to our Collection Services team. Once you submit the form, an email is sent to the department and staff will begin addressing your ticket. You can indicate if you want to be contacted with an update or if you do not want to be contacted. 




Other Ways to Report an Issue

  • Send a message over Library chat
  • Email the Electronic Resources Librarian: Erika Boardman,