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History of Voting

Equal Rights Amendment

As soon as women gained the right to vote, there was a push for a new amendment that focused on striking down gender-based discrimination that was upheld by state laws. This began the push for the Equal Rights Amendment, which was first brought before Congress in 1923 and was eventually passed by the Senate on March 11th, 1972. After this amendment was passed by the Senate, it was then put forth to the state legislatures to vote on ratifying it. In the first year after its passing in the Senate, the Amendment gained momentum when it was passed by thirty states however, due to the rise of conservative political groups rejecting the Amendment it failed to be passed by the required thirty-eight states. Although the amendment has officially expired, it has recently come back into the spotlight when Virginia ratified the Amendment on January 27th, 2020. 

Special Collections and University Archives

National Organization for Women Charlotte, NC Chapter Records- These records showcase photographs, newsletters, and constituent letters used by the group to push forth their ideas of equality for women. The Charlotte, North Carolina chapter was founded as a way to build support for the passage of the Equal Rights Amendment by the North Carolina State Legislature. 

General Collection Resources

Databases and Online Resources

New York Times Historical Archives- This searchable database contains past articles from the famous New York Times newspaper.