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Oral History Collaborations and Project Resources

An overview and resource list for oral history projects held in collaboration with Atkins Library Special Collections.

UNC Charlotte History Oral History

Are you interested in documenting UNC Charlotte history?


There are many aspects of our University history that could be explored through oral history including:

  • Student life
  • Student leadership
  • Greek life
  • Teaching and research
  • Special anniversaries and institutional milestones
  • Large events on campus
  • Campus community
  • Arts
  • Sports
  • Alumni
  • Greek life

Examples of University History Oral History Projects

Telling Our Stories: Black Alumni
Telling Our Stories documents UNC Charlotte's Black Alumni by collecting first-hand accounts of the lives of Black students over the decades. This alumni-driven project was inspired by interviews we have already gathered, notably that of James Cuthbertson, Jr., who was a member of the Black Student Union in the late 1960s and early 1970s.

Niner Nation Remembers Oral History Project
The Niner Nation Remembers Oral History Project is a collection of oral history interviews exploring interviewees' experiences and reflections concerning the April 30, 2019 campus shooting at UNC Charlotte, in which Reed Parlier and Riley Howell were killed and four others were injured. Participants in this project include UNC Charlotte students, administrators, staff, and faculty as well as first responders and law enforcement officers. 

For additional examples, see UNC Charlotte Oral History Interviews in the university's digital repository.

Resources for University History Oral History Projects

Forms for Oral History Projects

The consent and release form:

  • Informs interviewees/narrators about the oral history process and how their oral history recording will be used
  • Obtains permission from interviewees/narrators to share their interview with the public
  • Establishes copyright ownership of the interview 

Without the consent and release form oral history interviews have limited value and cannot be archived. 

Interviewee/narrator biographical form:

The biographical form:

  • Establishes accurate information about an interviewee/narrator
  • Helps the interviewer become familiar with the interviewee/narrator before the interview
  • Assists with cataloging interviews that are archived 


Creating Forms:

For creating forms we suggest that you consult the following book:

Support for Oral History Projects

In addition to archiving and giving access to our oral history collections, Special Collections and University Archives also offers resources and support for oral history projects and encourages collaboration to document a wider and more inclusive history of all the people of our region.