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Research in Special Education & Childhood Development

Policy Institutes & Think Tanks

A policy institute or think tank conducts research and engages in advocacy around a particular issue, from a stated viewpoint. This is a selected list of policy institutes and think tanks that deal with education issues. There are many policy institutes that focus on sub-issues within education. 

Brookings Institution
Non-profit public policy institute conducting research to resolve societal problems at the local, national and global levels. 

Cato Institute
Free-market, limited government think tank. Education research is founded on the principle that parents are best suited to make important decisions regarding the care & education of their children.

Center for Education Policy
National, independent advocate for public education and for more effective public schools.

Goldwater Institute
Arizona based public policy free-market think tank. 

Network for Public Education (NPE)
Advocacy group whose mission is to preserve, promote, improve & strengthen public schools for both current & future generations of students.

Rand Corporation - Education & the Arts
Non-profit corporation looking at a variety of topics including education.

Legislation & Legal Resources