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GRNT/SOCY 3267 - Dying, Death, and Bereavement - Dr. Megan Smith

Scholarly Journals

A scholarly journal, also termed “peer reviewed” or “refereed,” is a journal that usually has a policy where specialists in the field critically appraise articles before they are published. This vetting process ensures that the manuscript’s research is sound and of high quality. Scholarly journals inform, report, and make available original research and new findings.

Characteristics of a Scholarly Journal

  • Publication has a narrow scope or is limited to a specific field or sub-field of study; promotes and disseminates scholarly research

  • Intended for academic or specialized audiences such as professors, researchers, students

  • Has tables, graphs, and/or graphics

  • Has references, bibliographies, notes and/or works cited included

  • Has little or no advertising; included advertising promotes books, journals, conferences

  • Authors are experts in their respective field

  • Published by a scholarly press or professional organization



Anatomy of a Scholarly Journal