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Charlotte Teachers Institute 2023

General Information

Reflection is one of the most important attributes of any practitioner. Reflection affords one the ability to think critically about an action, thought, or experience. Engaging in reflection enables and increases self-awareness and professional competence. Breakthroughs and improvements that facilitate personal and professional growth do not happen all at once. They happen incrementally. In a continuous cycle of improvement, the key element to that improvement is the ability to reflect and be intentional about the behavior that will change to achieve the desired results. Schon’s Theory of Reflection is the theoretical framework of research utilized which illustrated how an educational entity responded efficiently and effectively to a statewide reading mandate. Participants of this seminar will not only become more familiar with Schon’s theory, but, will be able to apply this to the phases of a continuous improvement process. Understanding of reflection and continuous cycles of improvement will prove to be beneficial for teaching and learning as well as everyday life!

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