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HIST 2600: Charlotte and the Region in the First World War Era

Camp Greene

Camp Greene, a United States Army camp established in Charlotte in 1917, organized troops in the 3rd Infantry Division and 4th Infantry Division.

Manuscript Collections Dating From the World War I Era

How to Find Relevant Primary Sources in Manuscript Collections

Each of the following manuscript collections contains primary source documents related to the World War I era, and they are primarily focused on people and organizations in Charlotte. Many of these collections contain documentation of other time periods and topics as well.

  • To view a description of a collection, click on the title to see the finding aid. This is an online guide to the collection.
  • Within the finding aid, see the biographical/historical note to learn about the person or organization who created the records. See the scope and contents note or the abstract to learn more about what's in the collection.
  • At the end of the finding aid, browse the components -- an inventory of the collection, usually describing the contents of each folder. You can also search the components.
  • Come to the Reading Room on the 10th floor of the library and tell the staff person the title of the collection and which component(s) you are interested in.

Annie L. Alexander Papers , 1881-1929

H. H. Baxter Papers , 1917-1959

Mary Boyer Historic Postcards (Box 2 and Box 4) 

Rupert Brooke Papers, 1913-1937

Bobo Burnett Papers , 1917-1946 

Charlotte City Board of Education Records, , 1890-1960

Clarkson Family Papers, 1875-1966

Harry Dalton Papers ,1776-1990 

Jack Dillard Papers, 1917

Ben Douglas Papers, 1910-1980

Historic Sheet Music – Box 3 
                God be with our boys tonight
                Laddie in khaki
                Just a baby’s prayer at twilight

Roy Hoke Papers , 1904-1991

Bleeka Ritch Kerr Papers, 1878-1952

Joseph Mathews Papers, 1917-1919

Erastus McAlpine , 1915-1922

McCoy Family Papers , 1796-1919

Victor Shaw Papers, 1894-1966

Minnie Stowe Puett Papers, 1904-1933

Annie Bryant Robey Papers , 1918-1919

Kenneth Wilson Whitsett Papers , 1824-1975