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Creating Data Visualizations

Software & Databases

App Information


Use: Web-based mapping application that lets users quickly create professional-quality thematic maps, tables, and reports using powerful demographic, business, and marketing data. Features List

Access: Library resource (Ninernet required): 


Use: Platform to explore, create and publicly share data visualizations online.

Tableau Desktop- full featured data visualization software. Tableau Public is the free scaled down version.

Access: (Desktop): How to Access --- (Public) Tableau Public - free

StoryMaps (ESRI)

Use: Create inspiring, immersive stories by combining text, interactive maps, and other multimedia content. 


Then click LOGIN then use “Your ArcGIS organization's URL”: 

Similar open source/free software: StoryMap.js 

ArcGIS Online/Pro/ArcMap

Use: Advanced Geographic Information Software (GIS)

Access (multiple levels of programs): ArcGIS Pro (How to Access)

ArcMap/Pro virtual software on campus in Apporto 

ArcGIS Online (scaled-down version)

Similar open source/free software: QGIS

Power BI

Use: Power BI is a unified, scalable platform for self-service and enterprise business intelligence (BI). Connect to and visualize any data, and seamlessly infuse the visuals into the apps you use every day.

Access: - (Instructions to install to the apps available in Microsoft Office 365)


Use: Online portal providing data on the global digital economy, industrial sectors, consumer markets, public opinion, media, demography and macroeconomic trends.

Access: - Statista (Ninernet required)

Use: Build customized maps from any variable in the US Census data tables.

Access Interactive maps.