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National History Day: Topic Ideas for NHD

Use this guide to find primary resources for your National History Day projects.


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National History Day

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Welcome National History Day Participants!

Here are a few topics to get you started on your National History Day projects. Click on the topics below for a brief description of  what the collections are all about and explore how these resources can connect to the NHD annual theme of Revolution, Reaction, Reform in history.


                                                  National History Day  2012


African American History
Papers documenting African American culture and history in the Carolinas.

Civil Rights
Includes collections documenting desegregation of the Charlotte school system.

Civil War and Military
Records documenting the experiences of Charlotte-area citizens and military units.

Commerce and Industry
Records documenting industry, commercial operations and small businesses.

Politics and Government
Records of government and papers of individuals involved in political activities.

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