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ENGL 2301: Intro to African American Literature

This course guide was created for Dr. Janaka Lewis' ENGL 2301 course: Introduction to African American Literature.

Search Atkins Library

Search for books, articles, and more through our library search system.


Searching for Books

This video shows you how to search for print books using the library's search system.

Reference Works

Finding Books through Subject Headings

Start with a simple keyword search in the library catalog to identify one or more relevant books. Once you have located a relevant item, you can look at the item's Library of Congress Subject Headings within the item's full record tab and follow the subject heading links in the catalog to find other, similar or related books.

You can also refine your results by using the facets on the left side of the screen to narrow down by format, language, or additional subject headings.

Using Boolean Operators

You can combine search terms together to either narrow or broaden your results by using boolean operators. And, Or, and Not are three examples of common boolean operators. Notice in this image how combining keywords with AND narrows your search, and combining like terms with OR can expand your search. NOT is helpful when you want to filter out unhelpful information.