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Visual Literacy

Visual Literacy

Teaching Visual Literacy

Books in this section are dedicated to those teaching visual literacy. As a student researcher though, you will still find lots of information about visual literacy. 

Images and Photography

Overview of Images and Photography

Images are created to achieve some sort of purpose. These resources will explore the history of photography and various uses of photographs to convey a visual message for multiple audiences. 

Signs and Symbols

Using Signs and Symbols in Images

Images are more than just an image. Many images have signs and symbols within them or as part of their design. These symbols may be persuasive in some manner to communicate hidden meanings. Use these resources to review the meanings of signs and symbols throughout many different cultures. 

Data Visualization

Data Visualization

Images don't always have to be of just the living world. Many people use graphs, charts, and other data visualization tools to convey statistical information into a visual format. Unfortunately, these can be used to manipulate the viewer by changing manipulating the charts or graphs to look a particular way. They can make one thing seem larger than it is by adjusting the scale. These resources here will help you make quality data visualizations and figure out how not to be duped by others' charts and graphs. 

Aesthetics and Design

Aesthetic and Technical Characteristics 

This section takes some background knowledge in creating images using color, composition, shape, contrast, etc. There are also technical characteristics to share the images such as resolution, size, clarity and file format. These sources will delve into the details of graphic design and other aspects of photography.                             

Text on and with Images

Images with Words

Images don't always appear alone. They often have some text with them whether it's a news article, social media post, meme being shared, etc. This section will look at journalism and other use of images with text. The text requires evaluation of accuracy and reliability just like the images. 

Accuracy of Image Sources

Image Sources

Images can be found in all different kinds of places. We are familiar with finding images on the open web and social media, all with varying authority and bias. This section will provide resources about sources of information and how they function.