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University Signs and Symbols

From the Owls to the All-in-C: 75 years of signs and symbols at UNC Charlotte

UNC-C/ UNCC (1965- 1988)


In 1963, Charlotte College became a four-year institution, and in 1965 it joined the University of North Carolina System and officially became known as the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, or UNC-C. In 1969, seeking to differentiate itself from UNC Chapel Hill, UNCC “dropped the hyphen” and adopted a new, modern logo. Designed by Jack Pentes Design, the logo featured a single, striped design element that, when turned three ways, created the letters UNCC. 

Black and white photo. UNCC Engineering electric car.Color photo. UNCC cheerleaders at basketball game.

Images (above left, above right, and lower right) from UNC Charlotte Photograph Collection, UA0066.

Image (lower left) from Rogues 'n Rascals [yearbook],1976.

Black and white photo. Students carrying a UNCC banner in a parade.Color photo. Student with headphones and reading.

Article (below): Jetton, S. (1969, December 10). University's new logotype: Hyphen is gone; Now it's UNCC. Charlotte Observer, 12A.