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University Signs and Symbols

From the Owls to the All-in-C: 75 years of signs and symbols at UNC Charlotte

Charlotte/ All-in-C Logo (2020- )

Color photo. Chancellor Gaber speaking.

In July 2020 the Charlotte 49ers unveiled a new athletics logo: the “All-in-C”. This design kept the trademark miner pick and encased it in a beveled, collegiate “C”. The following year, the “All-in-C” was adopted University-wide as the school’s consolidated brand image. Likewise, the “Charlotte” moniker was broadly announced as the school’s identity in a wide-ranging “Hi, we’re Charlotte” marketing campaign. The new brand and logo coincide with the arrival of UNC Charlotte’s fifth Chancellor, Sharon Gaber, and the school’s 75th anniversary.


All images from UNC Charlotte Photograph Collection, UA0066

Color photo. Marching band and flags on football field.Color photo. Empty basketball floor.