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Art Research Guide

A starting point for finding information on art materials and techniques. There is a separate Guide for Art History.

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Library of Congress Call Numbers

GT Manners and Customs (body, clothing)

N Visual arts

NA Architecture

NB Sculpture

NC Drawing. Design. Illustration

ND Painting

NE Print media

NK Decorative arts

NX Arts in general

PN 6700-6790 Graphic novels/Comics

TR 1-1050 Photography

TR845-899 Cinematography. Motion pictures

TT 1-999 Handicrafts. Arts and crafts



  • In-depth coverage of a subject
  • History and chronology
  • Overview of a major topic
  • Background information
  • Bibliographies listing other books and articles


  • Look at the table of contents
  • Scan the index at the back of the book for key terms

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