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CHEM 3695 (Chemistry Seminar 1)

Guide to accompany assignments and topics for Chemistry 3695

Healthcare | Science | Research

An image used by the UNCC Career Center that represents the healthcare, science, and research Career Community.


Do you have an interest in the health and welfare of people, use of scientific knowledge to make the world a better place, or managing systems that relate to healthcare?

Check out the Career Center's Healthcare, Science, & Research Career Community to target organizations, programs, and career fields within the health and science industry!




Use some of these Search Examples to search the Library catalog for relevant resources!

Biology--Vocational guidance Nursing--Vocational guidance
Chemistry--Vocational guidance Physics--Vocational guidance
Healthcare--Vocational Guidance Science--Vocational Guidance
Medicine--Vocational Guidance


Discover Books

Browse through our subcollection that features hand-picked titles tailored to the Healthcare and Science Industry! You can also check out the full Career Resources Collection for more generalized career resources.



Healthcare | Science | Research Career Resources Subcollection