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Education and Psychology Related Tutorials

This guide contains a variety of print and video tutorials designed to help students and faculty in the College of Education search our resources and/or utilize the library's services more efficiently and effectively.

Starting your search

Finding empirical research articles

Using the Thesaurus

To do the most effective searching in the database it is important that you understand how the Thesaurus can help you define and refocus your search.

Narrowing the search by Date and/or Age

Using the Subject lists in the left column

The subject lists on the left side of the screen can be very useful in refining and/or focusing your search.

Getting to and downloading the articles

This video discusses the many different ways to get articles you need to write your paper, including how to use the library's interlibrary loan to request articles the library does not have access to.

Using the cited references links

PsycInfo includes links to the article's references and to other articles that cite the article. These links can be very helpful when trying to do a comprehensive and thorough research on a particular topic.

PsycInfo's APA citation tool

Finding books and book chapters

This video discusses how to search for books and/or book chapters as well as how to locate them in the library; request that a chapter be scanned, and how to request a book or chapter through the Library's interlibrary loan service, if the library does not own the book.

Finding assessments and/or instruments using PsycInfo and PsycTests

Finding non-commercial tests, assessments and/or instruments is difficult. This video will help to some extent.

Searching PsycInfo

The following videos demonstrate how to search PsycInfo at both a basic level and an advanced level. Videos 1-8 are sequential and can be viewed consecutively for a good overview of PsycInfo tools and features. Or you can zero in on just one aspect of searching the database. Videos 9 and 10 are more advanced features. 

Here is a direct link to PsycInfo -