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EndNote 101

Everything you need to get started with EndNote.

Workshop Calendar

Personalized in-person and virtual EndNote training workshops are available.

To request a workshop for your group, please email Alexis Murrell at

How to Download EndNote desktop

Students, staff and faculty can download EndNote via Campus Computing. Please download the newest version EndNote 20.

The download process for EndNote is not a simple one. Here are instructions on how to download EndNote. It requires the EndNote folder to be extracted before running the program.

Installing Endnote (Mac Users)


What is EndNote?

EndNote is a bibliographic citation management software. UNC Charlotte has a site license for EndNote which gives students, staff and faculty full access to EndNote and EndNote Online. For more information about EndNote visit:

EndNote terminology:

  • Library: A database of literature references. Each reference in an EndNote library is stored as an individual record with different data fields for the the author, title, etc. References can contain more than just citation information (e.g abstracts).
  • Reference type: Templates for the individual records in an EndNote library (e.g. journals, books, newspaper articles, conference proceedings).
  • Field: Each Reference Type contains a variety of Fields, depending on the Reference Type. Examples of Fields include author, title, year, etc.
  • Import filter: Files that provide a match between references downloaded from databases and the data fields in EndNote records. Import filters are designed to work with specific information providers (such as Ovid) and specific databases (such as PubMed)
  • Output style: Files used to control the appearance of in-text citations and references in a bibliography.

The topics covered in this guide are:

Intro to EndNote

  • Help and Training Resources
  • Add References
    • Manual
    • Direct Export from the online catalog
    • Creating Groups
  • Cite While You Write
    • Creating Bibliographies

Intermediate EndNote

  • Help and Training Resources
  • EndNote Online
  • Filters and Connection Files

If you have any questions please contact us.