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Anthropology Databases

Finding and Accessing Reliable Images

The visually literate student finds and accesses needed images and visual media effectively and efficiently.

This involves this following steps:

  1. Selecting the most appropriate image sources (databases, websites, books, journals).
  2. Searching effectively for images but creating useful search strategies and terms.
  3. Evaluating the quality and appropriateness of the images found.

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Library Resources

The following selection of multi-disciplinary databases include images in their search results. 


The following are multidisciplinary image resources from museums, libraries, and archives. 

For additional image resources by discipline, visit the Open Access Images & Videos Guide

Searching for Images: Library of Congress Subject Headings

When looking for early photographs or other primary documents, it is always important to understand how events were described during the time they happened.

A good example of this is when we talk about World War I in the present day, we must remember that when the event was happening it was described as the Great War.

This problem has been solved by archivists and librarians by providing researchers with a set of rules that translate this for them called the Library of Congress Subject Headings. This website works as a bridge between what the researchers know about their subject and how it is described by past terms.

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