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School Book Clubs


Read and Discuss

Read and Discuss clubs:

  • most popular
  • meets regularly
  • members all read the same book
  • involves an advisor/facilitator
  • fun and easy*

*advisor/facilitator role is NOT easy

Teen Centered

This type of club is 100% student run.  Members must:

  • choose books
  • lead conversations
  • decide when and where to meet

Book Chatter

A book chatter club often runs itself, but only scratches the surface of the books discussed.  Book chatter clubs:

  • brings it back to the book
  • open to ALL types of readers
  • non threatening

Book chatter clubs alleviate the stress of finding mulitiple copies of the same book as well as preparing discussion questions prior to the meetings.  

Theme Based

Theme based clubs are clubs in which members read books that revolve around a similar theme or topic such as:

  • paranormal literature
  • romance
  • science fiction
  • the problem novel
  • etc. 

A club can also be genre based:

  • biographies
  • graphic novels
  • non-fiction
  • etc. 

Online Clubs

Book discussions occur on web 2.0 platforms such as:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Blogs/Web pages

Online clubs require minimal involvement for the facilitator, however, they are strictly "one way" and aren't accessible to those students without easy access to the internet.