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School Book Clubs

Code Name Verity


Create a Facebook page for your book club.  Students have to join the page and then can post questions and comments about what they're reading as they're reading.


Create a Twitter handle for your book club (@thebookbunch) and encourage students to tweet about what they're reading.  Make sure they include the title of the book with a hashtag (#eleanor&park) so you can search and organize their responses.  Tweeting allows readers to react immediately to what they are reading.  Be prepared to reply to A LOT of tweets.  But it's fun!


Give your students the option of writing a book blog.  Blogging is a popular form of writing these days and if your students write about what they're reading, they are thinking critically about the text, summarizing, asking questions, formulating opinions, and WRITING!  I suggest using Google Docs or for blogging.