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Born-Digital University Records

This guide is for helping departments learn best-practices, and procedures when it comes to record-keeping

Digital Records Accessibility

Where are Digital Records Kept? 

Can anyone see these records? 

  • In accordance with G.S. 132­6 "“Every  custodian of public records shall permit any record in the custodian's custody to be inspected & examined at reasonable times & under reasonable supervision by any person, & shall, as  promptly as possible, furnish copies thereof upon payment of any fees as may be prescribed by  law… No person requesting to inspect & examine public records, or to obtain copies thereof, shall be required to disclose the purpose or motive for the request.”
  • However, the archives also holds records that fall outside of the records retention schedule & in consideration for privacy & FERPA policies, embargoes can be put in place to restrict access. 

Finding Aids

  • Need Help Finding something? Check out our UNC-Charlotte Special Collections Finding Aid

Goldmine Repository