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Born-Digital University Records

This guide is for helping departments learn best-practices, and procedures when it comes to record-keeping

Information Needed

When you transfer a collection of records to the University Archives, you might notice that it's requested that you give a selection of information along with your records. This is so we can prepare our system for the amount of data we're uploading, as well as properly name & date your files, so they can be found. 

What Information is Needed for Transfer

You can always refer to the Transfer Form below to be prepared on what information needs to be transferred with the documents.

In general we will need to know: 

  • Date Range of Files
  • Amount of Data to be transferred (in megabytes, gigabytes or terabytes)
  • Types of Materials (Ex. Audio recordings, Administrative files, etc.) 
  • File Formats (Ex. .doc, .pdf, .jpg, etc)
  • Operating System (Mac or PC)
  • Functions or context into the creation of the records.