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Public Administration Databases

Roper's iPOLL Databank

UNC Charlotte is now a member of The Roper Center. The Roper Center is one of the world's leading archives of social science data, specializing in data from surveys of public opinion. Most of the data are from the United States, but over 50 nations are represented.

As members of the Roper Center we now have full access to the iPOLL Databank.  iPOLL is a comprehensive database of 600,000 questions and answers asked in the US since 1935. Approximately 100,000 items also include standard subgroups--how groups (age, gender, region, political party, etc.) answered the questions.  All of the major polling organizations in the US are included in this system.

Roper Center membership also includes access to RoperExpress, a database of over 12,000 US and 8,000 international dataset abstracts, and RoperExplorer, an online data analysis tool.

Click on "Register" at the top of the page to create a personalized account.  You will need to create an account to download data and use RoperExplorer.