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Staff Development at Atkins

This guide provides information about staff development at Atkins

What is Staff Development

Staff development is a broad term used to describe the job-related continuing education of employees in an organization. Other terms used interchangeably are in-service education, professional development, and human resource development; the Library of Congress uses LIBRARY EMPLOYEES - IN-SERVICE TRAINING AND CAREER DEVELOPMENT. It takes many forms: attending formal classes, workshops or conferences; in-service training, one-on-one coaching, site visits, participation on a staff or association task force or committee, etc.

The transformation of libraries in the services offered and the perspective of its patrons can only continue to progress if the staff of those libraries are encouraged to continue learning and working together. Staff development needs to have management involvement and backing, and an eye on the overall mission of libraries in general.

-ALA The American Library Association

Five Reasons Why Staff Development is Important in the Workplace


  1. Efficiency

Professional development can help to ensure that you and your staff maintain and enhance the knowledge and skills needed to deliver a professional service to your colleagues, customers, and the community. Enabling staff to advance in their career and move into new positions where you can lead, manage, influence, and mentor others.

  1. Consistency

A structured training and development program can help to ensure all employees have a consistent level of experience and knowledge and allows you the confidence of knowing your staff all have the same set of skills required. Allowing you flexibility with your workforce planning.

  1. Compliant

Training and development can help to ensure that your knowledge is relevant and up to date. Ensuring that you and your staff are compliant with the latest regulations.

  1. Address weaknesses

Even the best of employees have some weaknesses when it comes to their workplace skills.An ongoing training and development program allows you to find and address any weaknesses, helping your employees to be more all-rounded and better skilled at every factor of their job.

  1. Confidence

Training and development can help to increase employees confidence within their role. Investment in training and development helps to show employees they are appreciated which can help them to feel a greater level of job satisfaction.