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Charlotte House Project


Solomon-Levine House

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Newspaper research

Charlotte Observer and Charlotte News are the best resources for this project.  They are available via microfilm at Atkins Library.

Other Resources

GIS Local Data/Shapefiles

Books and Reports

Searching the catalog, using the subject Charlotte (N.C.) will bring up over 500 affiliated subject headings.  You may also try a neighborhood name as a subject, i.e. Myers Park (N.C.) or Plaza-Midwood (N.C).


The following are books that either explain the Analytique method or provide examples.

City of Charlotte and Mecklenburg County

Special Collections

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Library

The Public Library of Charlotte-Mecklenburg has many resources.  Of special interest is the image archive, searchable by subject, the historic map collection, and the local government documents resources.