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World War I and Camp Greene

As we mark the start of 100th Anniversary of WW I, we remember the significant role the military base, Camp Greene, played in the history of this region and the nation. This guide is intended to highlight collections about the base and World War I.

Photo of the Camp Greene's Base Hospital (circuit photo)


Camp Greene was a WWI boot camp located between Wilkinson Boulevard and Tuckaseegee Road. Charlotte sent a delegation to Washington, D.C. to lobby to have the camp built in the area. The city's campaign won out over Fayetteville, NC; Wilmington, NC; Syracuse, NY; and Athens, GA.

In July 1917, construction began on the camp, and by September the first soldiers were housed in tents. The camp created economic growth for the city by providing jobs for civilians to build the infrastructure needed to house over 65,000 soldiers. Most of these troops were from New England and Western states.

The camp was dismantled in July 1919 after the war ended. Today, only the Dowd House and remnants of a few buildings remain in the area.


Image Source: Jack Dillard Photograph Collection