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African American Church/Civil Rights

This course is designed to introduce students to the critical, academic study of race, religion and movements of liberation. In addition, this course looks at the issues of ethnicity and race within the academic study of religion

Oral History Collection

The Oral History Collection at UNC Charlotte began in the 1960's, with a grant request by Dr. Bonnie Cone for the "Caroliniana Oral History Project," a "creative new project covering new ground" that would involve the library and an advisory board of faculty and community representatives to plan interviews with "North Carolinian writers, politiicans, educators, businessmen, and other leading citizens."

Suggested Oral Histories

 The following oral histories discuss the African-American community and the church within the Charlotte community. 

Vermelle Diamond Ely, Price Davis, Wright Hunter, Calvin Davis and Naomi Davis oral history interview- This interview discusses the community around the Second Ward neighborhood including the churches in the Brooklyn neighborhood, Second Ward High School, and urban renewal. 

T.D. Elder oral history- In this oral history, Thereasea Delerine (T.D.) Elder, discusses her involvement in the African-American community in Charlotte, race relations in the community, and her career in nursing. 

Sidney Freeman oral history- Dr. Rev. Sidney Freeman discusses his time as a clergyman at the Unitarian Universalist Church in Charlotte, the growth of the Muslim community in Charlotte, and how his position as a professor at Johnson C. Smith University led to his involvement with the Civil Rights movement.