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African American Church/Civil Rights

This course is designed to introduce students to the critical, academic study of race, religion and movements of liberation. In addition, this course looks at the issues of ethnicity and race within the academic study of religion

African American Church/Civil Rights







Eyes on the Prize

Episode 1   Awakenings: 1954-1956

Episode 2   Fighting Back: 1957-1962

Episode 3   Ain't Scared of Your Jails: 1960-1961

Episode 4   No Easy Walk: 1961-1963

Episode 5   Mississippi: Is This America?: 1963-1964

Episode 6   Bridge to Freedom: 1965

Episode 7   The Time Has Come: 1964-1966

Episode 8   Two Societies: 1965-1968

Episode 9   Power!: 1967-1968

Episode 10 The Promised Land: 1967-1968

Episode 11   Ain't Gonna Shuffle No More: 1964-1972

Episode 12   A Nation of Law? 1968-1971

Episode 13   The Keys to the Kingdom: 1974-1980

Episode 14   Back to the Movement: 1979-1983