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Art History Research Guide

A guide to Library and web resources to begin your study and research in art history.

Searching by Subject

Searching by Subject:

Subjects are ways that librarians describe books, they are a set vocabulary (meaning you have to use the right words) which sometimes makes them tricky to use. Don't worry; you can do it! Below are some relevant subjects for Pre-Columbian Art.

To search by subject, use the link above, and change the drop down to "Subject:", put in your subject, and click "Search."


F1201-1392 History of the Americas
F1218.5-1221 Mexico.  Antiquities. Indians
F1435-1435.3 Central America. Mayas

N Visual arts
N6500-6550 History.Mexico

ND Painting
ND253 History. Mexico

Sample Searches:

Architecture, Spanish colonial
Art, Spanish colonial - Mexico
Aztec art
Aztec calendar
Indian art - Mexico
Indian architecture - Mexico
Indians of Mexico - Antiquities
Indians of Mexico - Languages - Writing
Olmec art
Manuscripts, Mixtec
Maya architecture
Maya art
Mixtec Indians
Painting, colonial - Mexico
Popol vuh

Art of Mexico

Mesoamerican Art