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NewsBank: Searching for "Online Only" Articles

by Erika Boardman on 2022-06-21T07:50:00-04:00 in General Resources | 0 Comments

If you're looking for a news article in NewsBank and can't seem to find it anywhere, it could be because it is a "Digital Edition" or an "Online Only" article.

Most news publishers have created an online platform to provide access to their printed articles that you can find in the daily newspaper from Food Lion. However, these platforms sometimes publish articles that are only available on their website-based newspaper. For these types of articles, a couple of things can happen:

  1. Those online, digital articles are not available in our catalog even if we subscribe to the newspaper;
  2. Those articles are available, but the publisher has created two titles in their online platform to separate out the "Online Only" content from their everyday, printed articles

While this can be frustrating, NewsBank separates most (if not all) of their "Online Only" content into a separate listing in their database. Specifically, you'll find one listing for the newspaper The Guardian and another listing for the Online Only content called The Guardian: The Web Edition Articles.  

Here are a couple of ways to see if NewsBank offers digital edition articles for a newspaper:

Searching From the Library Catalog

From the library homepage beneath the search box, select Journals. Start typing Atlantic web edition and hit enter. "Web Editions" is added to most (if not all) of NewsBanks titles that have "Online Only" or "Web Edition" articles, with this case being Atlantic: Web Edition Articles (USA):


A screenshot of the library catalog showing "Atlantic web edition" being searched for.



Searching in NewsBank

Another way is by going to the NewsBank platform and selecting A-Z Source List at the top of the page:

A screenshot with a box around where to find "A-Z Source List" on NewsBank.


Then, in the search box, start typing Atlantic and you'll notice many options will appear — but you'll see two in particular: Atlantic, The and Atlantic: Web Edition Articles (USA). The "Web Edition Articles" version will include the "Online Only" content. From there, you can select the title and search for the article:

A screenshot with a box around two listings of The Atlantic newspaper in NewsBank.

Outside of the The Atlantic, you can use the Journal Search in the library catalog to type in Web Edition and a variety of titles will appear that contain digital edition articles that other platforms may not supply. 

So when in doubt, you can check NewsBank to see if we have the newspaper you need and if there is a "Web Edition" title available that can be searched. 

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