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UNC Charlotte Latinx/Hispanic Faculty and Staff Caucus

This guide highlights and celebrates the wide-ranging contributions of Latinx and Hispanic scholars on UNC Charlotte's campus.

About the Latinx/Hispanic Faculty Staff Caucus

The Latinx/Hispanic Faculty and Staff Caucus supports community efforts to celebrate diverse Latinx/Hispanic cultures and enhance this community at UNC Charlotte and in the region. This Caucus was first formed in Fall 2012 and meets throughout the academic year. If you are interested in joining, you can email the Caucus President, Eric Hoenes del Pinal ( or the Caucus Communications Officer, Paloma Fernández Sánchez.

Learn more about the Latinx/Hispanic Faculty and Staff Caucus on their website:

Faculty, Staff, and Student Contributions

Latinx/Hispanic scholars write, research, teach, and learn in a wide range of disciplines across UNC Charlotte. This guide highlights the scholarly works of these faculty members throughout our school's seven colleges and showcases the valuable contributions Latinx/Hispanic faculty have made in their fields and beyond.

This guide also recognizes that scholarly contributions can occur outside of traditional academic publishing and encourages Latinx/Hispanic faculty, staff, and students to share their range of academic accomplishments with the Caucus.