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Lists of programs for developing nontraditional projects and examples

Gaming (non-VR)

On this page, you will find programs for creating video games. However, if you need options for testing out or playing games, Area 49 has options for you.

  • In addition to console gaming, Area 49's Gaming Lab features gaming PCs where you can test out your game to see how it works.
  • If you need to develop a game, Area 49's Multimedia Lab has both Unity and Blender. This space is open whenever the library is open.
  • Once you have made a game, if you'd like others to play it, you can submit your game for consideration into Area 49's game collections. Your game can go onto one of our gaming PCs for others to play and will be featured in our collection on the website.


For a list of Non-VR Game examples, take a look at the sub-page, Game Examples.

Basic Programs

Advanced Programs