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Area 49

This guide provides information on how to use technology within Area 49, as well as guides for digital technologies and physical projects. Area 49 is available for use by all current students, faculty, and staff.


Oculus Quest 1 headset and controllers Refer to this page for all of your Meta Quest 1 & 2 setup and troubleshooting needs. If you run into an issue, please contact us at


You may log in using your own credentials or you may use the Area 49 account. If you would like to use the Area 49 account, please have an Area 49 Desk worker log you in before you leave the library.

If you use Area 49's account, you have access to Beat Saber, Tilt Brush, and any free games you wish to download. If you would like to see us purchase another game, please email

App setup (using your account)

  1. Download the Meta Quest app on your device and continue as a new user. Follow the instructions in the app.
  2. Add your payment information only if you intend to purchase games on your own account.

Device Setup

  1. Plug in and turn on the headset. Choose the headset you are using. (Quest 1 is black. Quest 2 is white.) Look inside the headset for the 5-digit code. Enter this code into the app on your phone, and the headset will pair with your account. Pairing may occur automatically.
  2. Select your WiFi network.
  3. You should be directed to pair your controllers and view a VR headset safety video.

Wearing the Headset

  • Adjust the headset so you can see clearly. Improper adjustments will make your view blurry.
    • Adjusting in-headset views - While wearing the headset, move the slider on the outside of the headset, under your left eye.
    • Adjusting volume - While wearing the headset, press the two sides of the volume button on the outside of the headset, under your right eye.
  • Glasses can be used with the glasses spacer (already installed), as long as your glasses are under 142mm x 50mm.


  • Earbuds are not included. Use caution when using earbuds, as both your vision and your hearing of the real world will be absent.
  • Always use the headset in indoor spaces you are familiar with, and those that are free of physical obstacles. Never use the headset outside. Even the most secure and well-defined outdoor spaces can present unexpected obstacles.
  • Keep the headset away from sunlight, as it can damage the headset.

Important information

There are no fees associated with using the VR headset, but late and damage fees may apply.

  • Late fees are $1 per hour.
  • Before you return the headset, perform a factory reset if you logged in with your own account. This is the only way to log out of the headset. If you do not, others may be able to access your account. Atkins is not responsible if this occurs. (Factory reset not needed if you used the Atkins account.)
    • To perform a factory reset: Turn the headset off. Hold the Power and Lower Volume buttons, and a screen will appear. Navigate to “Factory Reset” with the volume buttons. Select it with the Power button. 
  • If you are responsible for damaging the equipment, any fees for repair or replacement will be charged to your library account. Please refer to Atkins Library's Technology & Equipment Policies.

For Atkins Staff

When checking out the Quest:

  • Ask if they will use their own account or if they would like to use the Area 49 account. If they would like the Area 49 account:
  1. Set up the headset with the account before they leave with the headset.
  2. Check out the headset package and the Quest iPad and charger.

When checking in the Quest:

  • Clean the headset with non-abrasive technology disinfecting wipes.
  • Check that the user has logged out of their own account. If they have not, perform a factory reset. (Factory reset not needed if the Atkins account is on.)
    • To perform a factory reset: Turn the headset off. Hold the Power and Lower Volume buttons, and a screen will appear. Navigate to “Factory Reset” with the volume buttons. Select it with the Power button.
  • Check the iPad to make sure it is still logged in to the Area 49 accounts (for the iPad itself and the Meta Quest app).


  • If something isn't working correctly, make sure the iPad has the latest Meta Quest app update.
  • If using the iPad to connect to the Area 49 account, ensure you have connected to your local WiFi.

Best Practices