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Area 49

This guide provides information on how to use technology within Area 49, as well as guides for digital technologies and physical projects. Area 49 is available for use by all current students, faculty, and staff.

Elgato Video Capture

Available for checkout at the Area 49 Desk

Allows conversion of analog video to digital format on a Mac or PC. 

Can be used with the VHS player in the Video Viewing Room, Atkins Room 114A.

User Guide

Operating Instruction

Quick Start Guide PDF

  1. Download and install Elgato Video Capture for your device
    • For Windows PC's, be sure to download and install Drivers for Elgato Video Capture listed as well as the software (under Downloads for Windows). 
  2. Plug in the RCA Cables (red, white, and yellow on both ends) into your video source. On the Television in the Video Viewing Room, this is located on the left side on the back and is labeled Output. 

  3. Plug the other end of RCA Cables into the corresponding colors on the Video Capture device and plug the USB cable into your laptop.

  4. Turn on and begin playing the video on your video source. In the Video Viewing Room, the play button is located on the left side of the television controls directly under the slot for the VCR.

  5. Open Elgato Capture on your laptop. When it asks how long the video is, enter the duration. Then enter a name.

  6. Continue 

  7. Select RCA and Aspect Ratio 

    • RCA is the display type, the red, white and yellow wire 

    • Aspect ratio is what the video is “shot in”. Most videos are shot in 16:9 but some may be in 4:3 (a screen type common in the smaller box tvs)

  8. The video should appear in the application on your computer.

  9. Continue 

  10. If the volume is connected correctly you will be able to see the levels of audio on the video and hear it through your computer. Two audio bars should appear on your computer (see image below)
    audio level in video capture software

  11. Continue

  12. Hit the red record button in the bottom right of the application

  13. Once the recording is finished or you would like to be finished hit the red button again or if the option to stop automatically after a given amount of time has elapsed is checked then it will automatically stop on its own.

  14. Continue

  15. Use the sliders to trim the video to your preferred length
    gray bar with blue sliders to edit video length

  16. Continue

  17. The application will list where the video was saved too and give you options to upload

Reshow Cassette to MP3 Converter

Available for checkout at the Area 49 Desk

Allows conversion of cassette audio to MP3 via a USB to a Mac or PC.

Operating Instruction

  1. Download and install Audacity software on your laptop
  2. Open Audacity. You should see the screen below
    Audacity software with controls at top of screen
  3. Using the provided cord plug the small end into the Cassette Capture and the USB end into your computer. This cord will transfer audio and power the Cassette Capture.
  4. Open the cassette recorder and load your tape.
  5. In Audacity, click the Audio Setup button. 

  6. In the menu that appears click the option for Recording Device, then select USB PnP Audio Device.

  7. red circle on white background indicating recordWhen you are ready to record/transfer audio:

    • In Audacity, click the red circle (see image to the right) to record

    • On the Cassette Capture press Play on the top of the device.

  8. When you are finished recording

    • On the Cassette Capture press Stop on the top of the device.

    • In Audacity, click the black square to stop

  9. To save and export your file, go to File>Export>Export as MP3.