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Area 49

This guide provides information on how to use technology within Area 49, as well as guides for digital technologies and physical projects. Area 49 is available for use by all current students, faculty, and staff.

Heat Press

heat press machineWeanas Heat Press Machine

Max Size of Design: 12 inches x 15 inches


Location: Makerspace

Use Options:

  • No training needed


  • No cost to use

  • Heat transfer vinyl available at $1.00 per sheet or $2.00 per foot of roll


  • The entire heat press is very hot when in use. Keep fingers away from the top of the press while it is on and once it has finished a transfer.

  • The transfer print itself may be hot. Use caution when removing your item from the press and allow it to cool for 30 seconds before touching the vinyl.

Machine Operation

  1. Before turning the press on, use the swivel to gain access to the press mat and ensure the blue squeegee and white mat are aligned on the bottom shelf

  2. Use power button on the side to turn the machine on, be sure to keep your fingers clear of the top component of the press as it becomes hot. 

  3. Press the button marked SET until SP appears on the top screen, the press is now able to be set at your desired temperature. (Keep in mind that it is in Fahrenheit though it can be changed to Celsius) 

    • Check your material packaging for temperature settings

    • Use arrow keys to increase or decrease temperature

  4. Press the button marked SET until St appears on the top using the up and down arrows. You can now set the heating time,

    • Check your material packaging for temperature settings

    • Use arrow keys to increase or decrease

  5. Press SET button two more times until temperature setting shows up as the top (red) number and time shows up as the bottom (green) number

    • Temperature will slowly rise to the set number. This will take 5-10 minutes.

  6. While the press is heating, rotate the top plate and align it with the bottom mat.

  7. Press the handle down to lower the top plate and use the Pressure Regulator (the knob on the top) to adjust the pressure of the press

    • Clockwise lowers the plate

    • Counter clockwise raises the plate

  8. Raise the top plate by pulling the handle up.

  9. Once the machine reaches the desired temperature, rotate the top plate to the side. Place your materials onto the matt and your vinyl design on top 

    • Place vinyl onto your materials with shiny side/side that was attached to the plastic down

  10. Rotate the top plate to align with the bottom plate.

  11. Press the handle down to lower the top plate.

  12. Press the down arrow to start the countdown timer.

  13. Once the timer reaches zero a buzzer will sound alerting you that the transfer has completed. Raise the plate by lifting the handle and press the down arrow to cancel the alarm.

  14. Swivel the plate to the side and carefully remove your transfer.

  15. When you are finished make sure the press is turned off and the top of it is separated from the mat.


Press is Not Heating

  • Check the connection wire from the heating element to the power source (the same place as the controls) to be sure it is plugged in. This often is the solution when the machine itself is on, but the “press” is not getting hot.

Vinyl Doesn’t Attached to Your Material

  • It is possible that the vinyl is “upside down” (the plastic side is facing towards the heat element, attempting to do this will directly lead to the next issue with the vinyl attaching itself to the press so it should be avoided)

  • Check to make sure the plastic side is in contact with the material you’d like to stick it to and attempt transfer steps again.

Vinyl Sticks to the Heat Press

  • Make sure the press itself is off and unheated

  • Use a pair of tweezers to peel or scrape the material from the hot topside of the press. Avoid poking or stabbing into the press covering. Make sure it’s clear of any leftover material before you continue printing.

Creating Your Design

You can easily create and cut a design into heat transfer vinyl by following the File Prep & Machine Operations instructions for the Cricut.